About Us

We are Jim & Elysia!

 We have been in business for over 25 years combined.  Elysia started her business in southern Illinois and Jim in central Indiana.  We are the heart and soul of business and are both full time Photographers.  Together we are nationally published and award-winning duo that loves to create and inspire.  We have 5 children combined, 4 girls and one boy and when we are all together you can probably hear us laughing for miles.  We love the fun and spontaneity that polaroids play in our lives and you will find them all throughout our house and offices.

Jim says:  “Elysia is an amazing, inspirational, talented and loving woman who loves to bring a smiles and happiness to others lives.  She is an amazing mother, Photographer and an extremely talented artist.  I can’t wait to see what she does in the upcoming years and I’m excited to continue to be her biggest fan.  She appreciates the small things, spontaneously dancing with me in the store or the driveway, creating, sharing, inspiring, traveling, live music, Mexican food and that I always open the door for her (even when we are running late).  I call her my little lady because it always brings a little smile to her face.  Elysia and her girls have been an amazing addition to my little family and we are so thankful for the opportunities we have been blessed with.  She is so loved”

Elysia says: “James brings so much light to my life! Each and everyday I fall in love all over again. His beautiful smile and beautiful blue eyes brings so much joy and peace to my heart. He saved my life in so many ways. He has been my rock and has supported me during the hardest time of my life. When I sit back and think of James, I think of the laughter and love we have shared so far and cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with him. I think of the connection we share through music and his AMAZING dance moves any where we go!!! You can always catch us in our love bubble with constant laughing and flirting. I think of all the challenges we have faced so far and I know in my heart that we can take on anything, hand in hand, and fly together. James is an “all around” incredible man. Did I mention that he is a super hero!?!?! He is a great Father to his two beautiful children and is an amazing best friend to my two daughters. He has many different talents that I feel blessed to witness every day. His visions, intelligence, ability to see light, and patiently teach is incredible. He inspires so many with his creative style and he has a great personality. I feel so blessed to be his teammate and look forward to seeing us and our family grow. He is so loved.”

Most importantly we are partners in life, business and love.

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