We love shooting on location and traveling to new locations!  Between the two of us over the past many years we’ve been fortunate enough to travel and photograph all over the United States and Mexico.  Each location inspires us in different ways and sometimes it’s nice to bring someone like us along for a fresh perspective on a location or space that is special to you.  For example this Engagement Session image below.  This was a vast and open space just outside of the apartment that Toi & Matt lived in.  So I took it upon myself to try to really capture the size of the space with a technique I had played around with over the years.  This technique requires you to capture several frames and then later match them up in post-production.  This single image was actually made from 29 different images, which you will also see below.  Doing this actually gives a very cool look to their final panoramic image without having to use a wide-angle lens, which would dramatically distort the final product.

We hope you enjoy this, we love sharing some behind the scenes of what we do from time to time so keep an eye out for similar posts.

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